North Carolina Museum of Natural History Science Cafe. Raleigh, NC, July 2013
The cognitive science of “baby algebra.” Science Cafes are a series of topical discussions with leaders in the fields of science and technology.
I took a MOOC! Now what?! invited presentation. Online, June 2013
Using online communities for collaboration and collective action in mathematics education: a presentation for Beyond Moodle Massive Open Online Course.
Wild About Math interviewInspired by Math interview series. Online, March 2013
Sol Lederman: “Maria is starting what I call a “mass math movement.” She is changing the story of how infants and toddlers can relate to math.”
Moebuis Noodles: a collection of math games for kids. A lightning talk at the Creative Commons Ten-Year Celebration. Raleigh, NC, January 2013
Crowdsourcing, crowd-funding, and open publishing in the Moebius Noodles project.
Games panel, Wolfram Computer-Based Math Education Summit. London, England, November 2011
The role games, competitions, and other new modalities for learning will play in the future of STEM education.
IntellectualConsumerismIntellectual Consumerism. A presentation at Connecting Online, February 2011
How can math ed communities of practice balance consumption and creation?